Welcome to JollyJellyFace! 

🌈✨ Celebrate your little loved one with MagicalMe™ by combining their faces with cartoon costumes, crafting unique treasures you all love 🎁🌟

Our cute Xmas sticker collection is specially designed for children, adding a touch of joy to their faces during the holiday season. Use these festive face photo enhancements to capture the spirit of Christmas and create memorable snapshots.

Immerse your child in personalized sticker magic! Custom stickers with their face photo and cartoon costumes, plus their name for that special touch.Let their imagination soar!

Our bags, water bottles, blankets and more are crafted with love, featuring their adorable face for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Premium quality and whimsical design make each item a perfect, personalized gift that sparks joy and endless wonder. 

  Message From the Founder

🌟 Hello, dear hearts! I'm Charlotte, pouring my heart into JollyJellyFace. 💖 As a stay-at-home mom, every creation is a love letter to my sweet baby. 💕✨ MagicalMe™ isn't just about stickers and stuff; it's about celebrating our little ones and weaving dreams for them. Let's make memories that linger, embracing the beauty of childhood. Join me in this journey of love, creativity, and making each moment count. 🌈👶💫


Personalized Order Instruction

For Photo and Name/Text Personalization, please upload your photo using the photo uploader button on the banner (top of the webpage) before or after placing an order. For products that have a variety of style available, don't forget to type your chosen style in the text box on product page when placing an order.

Is it safe to upload my child's photo to JollyJellyFace?

Absolutely! Your child's photo is protected with top-tier security. It's used only for your MagicalMe™ products and is never shared or sold. Images are kept private and retained for a limited time, ensuring your unique gifts with a personal touch are created perfectly and safely. With JollyJellyFace, you'll craft gifts they are sure to love, worry-free!

What's Your Processing Time and Shipping Details?

What's Your Return and Cancellation Policy?

We do not accept returns or exchanges for personalized and made-to-order products unless there is a manufacturing defect or an error on our part. We'll give you a new one. Please review your order carefully before finalizing it. Contact our customer support team for any issues within 14 days of receiving your order. Cancellations are not allowed once production has begun.