Immerse your child in personalized sticker magic! Custom stickers with their face photo and cartoon costumes, available in tons of themes and styles, plus their name for that special touch.Let their imagination soar!šŸ„³šŸŖ„

MagicalMeā„¢ Moments: Enchant Every Occasion with JollyJellyFace Magic!

MagicalMeā„¢ sticker labels from JollyJellyFace are the perfect touch for various occasions! Brighten up school and daycare supplies, add a whimsical note to greeting cards, create charming gift tags, and bring magic to parties. Elevate home decorations with personalized touches, turning ordinary items into cherished keepsakes. Celebrate every moment with the enchantment of MagicalMeā„¢! šŸŽ‰āœØĀ 

High Quality Image, Waterproof and Durable

The image is high quality and non-blurry due to the latest printing technology and vinyl quality. Every sticker is professionally laminated without bubbles.This laminated waterproof vinyl sticker can handle whatever kids throw at it. It's weatherproof, scratch-resistant, and even UV protected for maximum durability. Plus, it's a keepsake you'll want to hold onto forever!

Make Story Time Magical:

Ā Personalize Board Books!

Say hello to a world of whimsy with our cartoon costume face photo sticker. Now, even if you can't write your name yet, you can still personalize your board book and add a ton of fun to storytime. Get ready for giggles galore!

6-12 Figures Sticker Sheets

Over 20 Styles Available for Boys and Girls

1 Figure Sticker with Themed Elements

For Girls: Princess Theme

For Girls: Fairy Theme

For Boys: Soccer Theme

For Boys: Daily Outfits

For Boys & Girls: Astronaut Theme